Entré certification training
Entré certification training

Entré Purchasing and Installation Requirements

Prior to the purchase of the Entré Software each Dealer should meet the following qualifications: 

  1. Sign the Entré License Agreement and send to the training contact listed at the bottom of the page.
  2. Have had prior exposure to the XR500 or access control in general. 
  3. Have one or more technicians attend the 4-Day Entré Certification Training. 
  4. Each technician is required to be re-certified on a yearly basis (12 months from their initial certification date).   


4 Day Entré Certification at DMP Headquarters


Due to the amount of information needed to cover and time constraints, the pace of the class dictates that each student possess certain skills prior to being admitted to the class.  Prerequisite testing and prior XR500 training and experience will be used to verify each student possesses:

  1. DMP XR500 certification training and installation/programming experience 
  2. Skills in configuration and use of Windows XP or higher
  3. Basic network topology and protocol skills
  4. Basic understanding of database concepts
  5. Ability to follow verbal and written instructions

      We allow our testing to determine if a student has the right combination of DMP XR500, access control, and networking knowledge to excel in the Entré Certification course.  Not everyone who takes the prerequisite test passes, and not everyone who takes the four day course earns Entré Certification. To view the Entré Overview please click here.


The class includes hands-on instruction for Entré Operator, Administrator, Advanced Administration, Integration Technician, and Advanced Integration. Certification requires full attendance and passing all certification exams. Students are responsible for all personal expenses (travel, lodging, meals, etc). DMP receives a discount through some local hotels.


 To Register for Entré Training 


Prior to registration or training, recent XR500 training (on site or on our LMS) and two entrance exams should be passed. Please fill out the New User Request Form and send to DMP's training department with any requests for Entré Certification at training@dmp.com.  There are a limited number of seats for these sessions. Registration should be confirmed with the training contact prior to making travel arrangements.





August: Tuesday 12 - Friday 15, 2014

September: Tuesday 9 - Friday 12, 2014

October: Tuesday 14 - Friday 17, 2014


4 Day Entré Certification at your location

On-site training for classes for up to 8 students are available to our direct dealers. The only cost of the class is the cost of a training kit for each student, with a guaranteed minimum of 4. The equipment is yours following the training and is priced per your dealer level. All prerequisites still apply to qualify for this training. For more information on receiving this training please contact Michelle Holder, listed below.


Entré Re-Certification (required on a yearly basis)

Every year your Entré certification expires and re-certification needs to be completed to maintain active Entré status. Re-certification requires the passing of our exam with a score of 80% or higher covering the Entré Access & Security Management Software. To request this course or if you have any questions please contact DMP's training department at training@dmp.com. If the test is not passed a webinar will be required for the re-certification on the Entré Access & Security Management Software. 


Training Contact: Michelle Holder

Phone: 800-641-4282 ext 179

Email: mholder@dmp.com or training@dmp.com