Video is a powerful sales and training tool. Producing high-quality videos is expensive, but as an authorized DMP dealer, you have access to our growing video library at little or no cost. It includes both includes training videos that let your customers see firsthand how to use the features of their new alarm system, and promotional videos that describe the features and benefits of some of our best-selling products.

Where appropriate, there are versions for both residential and commercial accounts so you can make a presentation tailored to the needs of your customer.

The Training Videos currently feature many of the new titles in our Keypad Training Series. Each of the main DMP keypad features will be covered in short, simple presentations. Your customer can have a customized training experience, choosing to view the videos only for the features that interest them. All of the training videos are free to you. Download them to your laptop from our Training Videos Page and carry them with you on your sales or installation calls.

Promotional videos are available for several of our most popular products and features. They describe key benefits of products like our XTL Wireless Security Panel, and features like Cancel/Verify, Home/Sleep/Away and the Red Keypad Backlight. These videos are also available at no cost and can be downloaded from our Promotional Video Page.

Several of these promotional videos can also be customized with your company name and contact information at a very low cost, enabling you to project a more professional image to your customers.

For more information on the Dealer Marketing Support Program, please log in to Dealer Direct.