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As a DMP authorized dealer, you can take advantage of a long list of tools to support your marketing efforts, includingthe “Supercharge your Online Efforts” Webinar Series.

These informative presentations provide you with practical information you can start using right away to find more customers, build more business, and improve your profitability. Each session is led by a member of the DMP Marketing team.

Up to three representatives from your company can attend the upcoming sessions live, with the opportunity to interact with the presenter and ask questions. Or, following the presentation, you can view a recording of the webinar whenever it’s convenient for you.

Select any of the webinars that interest you, and start unleashing your company’s marketing giant!


Secrets to Getting Quality Leads Online, Scheduled for November 8, 2012, 1 - 2:30 p.m. CST

How are you going to drive more leads and sales online now and in 2013? Our first webinar in the series "Secrets to Getting Quality Leads Online" will focus on getting the right people to visit your site.

Here's what we'll cover:

  • Learn how to get more of the right people (buyers) to visit your site
  • Discover how free tools like Google Analytics can show you what opportunities you're missing online (learn what you should pay attention to on Analytics and what you can ignore)
  • Tools to show you who is viewing your site and what they are looking at on your site
  • 5 Musts to getting more traffic to your site
  • Plus a live Q&A on your online marketing questions Plus more!

Security Dealer Websites that Work, Scheduled for December 6, 2012, 1 - 2:30 p.m. CST

Learn how the proper website design can generate more leads, more sales, and more RMR.  Plus watch as we critique actual dealer sites.  See all of the details on the registration page.

3 Keys to Online Success, February 2012

Harvest More Leads and Drive More Sales

The Internet is increasingly where shoppers go to check out products and services before they buy. When they go shopping online for a security system professional, will they find you? If they do, will they be convinced to give you a call?

This webinar will help you create a website that will work harder and provide the biggest sales payoff.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How successful security companies get more visitors to their site.
  • What search engine optimization is and how you can do better at it.
  • How to build the right keywords into your site.
  • Methods to convert site visitors into customers.
  • How to create a powerful call to action.


Online Reputation Management, April 2012

Building and Protecting Your Company’s Good Name

Today, your online reputation is your reputation.  Once something is online, it's usually there forever.  A good reputation is essential to attracting new customers. Even the most powerful marketing campaign will fail if prospects have a bad perception of your ability or integrity.

You can take an active role in shaping a strong, positive reputation that creates a foundation of trust when dealing with prospects.

In this session, you learn how to:

  • Know instantly what people are saying about you and where they are saying it (plus spy on your competition). 
  • Encourage good reviews from your loyal customers and fans.
  • Correct inaccurate and misinformation, including bad reviews, old contact information, ex-employees, etc.
  • Deal with negative reviews and information in positive way.
  • Plus more!


Guerilla-style Marketing, June 2012

Unconventional Tactics Can Create Big Results

Traditional advertising and marketing tactics can be very successful, but they’re not the only way to spread the word about your company. Smart dealers are regularly engaging in low-cost, high-impact marketing efforts that add RMR.  Instead of outspending the competition on advertising, use guerilla tactics to outwit and out-market them.

Guerrilla marketing uses unconventional, often free or low-cost, methods to promote your company by spreading marketing messages using creative techniques in unexpected places.

In this session, you learn:

  • How to turn your employees into marketing "guerillas.
  • The secret of leveraging your marketing efforts.
  • The secrets of "neighborhood" marketing.
  • Simple, but effective referral systems.
  • New client programs that "strike while the iron is hot.
  • How to tap iinto associations and groups
  • Plus more!


Social Media for Dealers, August 2012

Facebook, Twitter and More

For many dealers, the jury is still out on whether social media can really add new customers.  Is social media a time-waster or a business-builder?  The truth is it can be both depending on how you approach it.

Done right, social media can help enhance your reputation, connect with prospects, and build long-term relationships with customers. Social media is free to use. All it takes is an investment of time and some creativity on your part.

In this session, you learn:

  • The three social media platforms that provide the greatest ROI opportunity for dealers.
  • How you can and should measure your social media efforts.
  • Ways to engage with customers and go viral.
  • Social media best practices and case studies.
  • The future of social media.
  • The power of contests
  • Plus more!