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DMP Introduces the 265HCAN Cellular Communicator
February 16, 2018 -- DMP Introduces the 265HCAN Cellular Communicator Canadian Cellular Module for the XTLplus™... Read More
DMP White Paper: ATM Jackpotting is on the Rise
February 12, 2018 -- Check out our newest White Paper: ATM Jackpotting is on the Rise   Last month, the U.S... Read More
SecureCom Wireless Customer Update
February 2, 2018 -- ... Read More
Secura Launches New Dealer Site
February 1, 2018 -- Introducing the Secura Dealer Site DMP and Secura are excited to introduce the ne... Read More
New DMP Catalog and Price List Now Available!
February 1, 2018 -- We are pleased to release the New DMP 2018 Catalog! The new DMP catalog is simplified, modern, and cle... Read More
DMP Introduces the Graphic Touchscreen Keypad Firmware Version 110
January 31, 2018 -- Introducing the Graphic Touchscreen Keypad Firmware V 110 Delivering Ease and Speed for Your Customers ... Read More
DMP Introduces Dealer Admin Version 2.0
January 29, 2018 -- Introducing DMP’s Dealer Admin Version 2.0Log In for a Better-Than-Ever Dashboard  When yo... Read More
DMP Virtual Keypad App Version 6.0 Now Available
January 25, 2018 -- Virtual Keypad™ 6.0 Now Available in the App® Store Redesigned Faster App, New Look & Fee... Read More
DMP Introduces Version 2.1 with Instant Arming
January 12, 2018 -- DMP Introduces Version 2.1 now with Instant Arming and more   DM... Read More
SecureCom Wireless CDMA 1x, 2G, 3G Sunset Information
January 8, 2018 -- You may have read that Verizon will no longer support 3G CDMA devices beyond Dec. 31, 2019. Read more about it here.Because of the relatio... Read More

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