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Home Watchcare

November 05, 1999

Have you been selling the Home Watchcare feature of the XR20?

Did you know that the XR20 can be programmed to detect lack of motion? (weāll be putting it into the XR200 soon.) If someone in the home has taken a bad fall, or loses consciousness; after a programmable amount of time has passed, a supervisory alarm sounds. Thatās followed by a phone call from the monitoring station. If there is still no reply, the appropriate professionals are summoned to the home.

Here are three potential markets where you could sell this feature. *Older people still living on their own. *The children of older people who worry about their parents living on their own. *Assisted living administrators.

Just a few more features and benefits that will help you sell the Home Watchcare. *Larger Keypad...It only takes a a gentle push to operate, making it tender on those older fingers. *Large Charactor Display...Easy for people to read, regardless of their age or eyesight. *User Friendly Menu...Prompts are easy to understand. They donāt have to be computer programmers to get it. *Keypad Turns Red In Alarm Condition...Excellent for people who donāt hear well, itās a visible warning that something is wrong.

If youāve already come up with your own ideas to successfully sell and market Home Watchcare, let us know and weāll pass your advice on to the