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New DMP Pricelist and More

October 27, 2000

Digital Monitoring Products is pleased to announce that a new DMP pricelist is released and will go into effect November 1st. The new pricelist, which includes new products from DMP, will be mailed to each DMP dealer and is also available to all registered dealers for download at Registered dealers can download the new pricelist in .pdf and Excel format. Visit call DMP Customer Service at 800-641-4282 for more information.

The new 895 Voice Module is now compatible with the DMP XR200 and XR20 Security Command Processor Panels. The 895 Voice Module allows user access to a security panel through a voice prompted telephone interface. Users may check the status of a panel, arm or disarm the system, and add user codes from any local or remote touchtone phone. By using 300 preprogrammed words and phrases the Voice Module guides the user through each procedure . The 895 Voice Module is also compatible with the DMP XR40.

Digital Monitoring Products is pleased to announce the new Secure-Com package. Every Secure-Com Wireless Packet Modem now includes the 386 cellular antenna. The Secure-Com provides cellular communication to the central station using existing cellular networks, eliminating the risk of cut phone lines. The Secure-Com is compatible with the XR200 Security Command Processor Panel.