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XR200 & XR2400F Firmware Version 108 Update

December 14, 2000

Firmware Update Effective December 2000, all XR200 and XR2400F panels are being shipped from the factory with version 108 (12/5/00) firmware. This version is an update from the firmware previously shipped and contains new features. New Features AC Cycles Option System Options programming now provides an option to choose 50 or 60 Hertz operation. This option allows the XR200 to be connected to AC power that operates at 50Hz. When 60Hz is selected, the XR200 will operate on a 60 Hz cycle used in the U.S.A. When 50Hz is selected the XR200 will operate on a 50 Hz cycle that may be used in other countries. The default value is 60 Hz. Zone Bypass Remote Link Disconnect If a zone bypass, zone force arm or zone reset occurs during a remote programming session, the panel automatically holds in memory these central station messages until being manually disconnected from Remote Link. If the panel is programmed to send these messages to the receiver, they are sent after the panel has been disconnected from Remote Link. Previously, the panel would immediately ask to disconnect from Remote Link to send the messages. Upgrading/Ordering New Firmware New firmware PROMs may be obtained by calling Customer Service at 1-800-641-4282 and ordering the XR200/UPDATE or XR2400F/UPDATE. The cost is $2.00 for each firmware update PROM.