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A new opportunity for Dealers!

February 10, 2000

A new opportunity for Dealers!

DMP announces the expansion of their GSA Contract, GS-07F-0298J, to a full Dealer Participatory Contract. Under the new contract, DMP Dealers will partner with the manufacturer to offer product to the government at a pre-negotiated price. Additionally, because many government agencies have experienced severe budget cuts and can no longer maintain technicians and installers, the expanded contract will allow DMP dealers to easily supply the installations services and monitoring to the Government under the same contract.

This is a win-win situation for the government and DMP Dealers. The Participatory contract will allow government agencies to procure a total turnkey installation with one purchase order and without going out to bid. Participating DMP Dealers will be listed in the new GSA Catalog. Government agency will simply choose a dealer, contact the dealer to resolve any details, and place the purchase order.

For more information about the GSA Dealer Participatory Contract or any DMP product or service contact DMP Customer Service at (800) 641-4282 or visit our web site at Or, call DMP Government Operations offices at 888-404-9778 or 888-771-0662.