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Version 1.09 Software Update

March 01, 2000

Version 1.09 Software Update Effective February 28, 2000 all Remote Access, Executive Access and Remote Access+ software is being shipped from the factory as version 1.09 (2/28/00) software. This version is an update from the 1.08 (12/9/99) software previously shipped and contains new features to the program. Updated Operation XR200-485/102 Classic Account Programming When a new panel file is created, the New Account Number window now includes a selection to build an XR200-485 version 102 (classic) panel programming file. This allows the older version 102 file to be created without changing the default file setting in the Remote configuration Defaults window. The description of this panel type choice is improved with the title ‚Classic‚. Also, the description for the XR200-485 and XR-200-485B in the New Account Number window has been improved to display as: XR200-485/201 Enhanced and XR200-485B/201 Enhanced. These improved descriptions allow better distinction for 485 version 201 (Enhanced) firmware which contains User Profiles as well as many other features. See technical update TU-0159 December 10, 1999 for complete details.

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