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DMP Technical Support, New DMP Literature

June 01, 2000

DMP Technical Support announces a new service. Effective May 2000, all dealers who purchase DMP Remote Access or Remote Access + software will receive all software updates, free and automatically mailed to them. You no longer have to call Technical Support or Customer Service to order your RA updates, Technical Support will automatically send you the latest update completely free. Technical Support has mailed the latest update version of Remote Access, RA 1.09, last week. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Technical Support at 888-4DMPTEC. Hopefully you are familiar with the Security in Depth end-user brochures. These color brochures are designed to expand your business by informing end-users of the many advantages of using the DMP XR200. There are three new color brochures in the award-winning Security in Depth series that have recently been added. The new XR200 commercial brochure (LT-0521) explains all the advantages of installing DMP into your business, and is perfect for all your XR200 sales calls. Securing facilities in multiple locations is a difficult task. The new national accounts brochure (LT-0522) shows how the DMP XR200 allows you to quickly and securely monitor distant locations with ease. This is a sales brochure designed to help you land those chain stores and national accounts. The new Security in Depth.Government brochure (LT-0523) is designed to develop your relationship with government agencies. This brochure will help all the DMP GSA Participatory Dealers close all those government jobs. These three new brochures join the Security in Depth.Banking brochure (LT-0409) that details the XR200's integrated door access, wireless panic devices, and online data network integration. This brochure will help you secure those lucrative high security banking projects that the XR200 is highly suited for. The other existing brochure in this series covers another hot market, school security. The Security in Depth.Schools brochure(LT-0486) details how the XR200 can be customized as the perfect school security system including panic pendants, keyless access control, and 24 hour area supervision. Call Customer Service to get any or all of these high-end brochures, and increase your sales, Today!