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XR2400F from DMP

September 19, 2000

Digital Monitoring Products has received a great response to the introduction of its new 24 VDC FACP, the XR2400F. The XR2400F is an expandable FACP which provides 448 programmable inputs and outputs and a built-in 32 character LCD annunciator. Also featured in the XR2400F is a 2-line communicator with line supervision and 2 class B NACs with four Amps of power. The XR2400F supports dual 4-wire SLC loops that expand to 200 points of addressable protection, provided by the 521LX and 521LXT addressable smoke detectors. These detectors feature drift compensation, multi-status reporting, and CleanMe messaging displayed on the panel's LCD, Remote Annunciators, and at the central station. Programming of the XR2400F is available at the panel front, remotely, or any one of up to seven 630F Remote Annunciators. The 630F enables single button user operation of the Alarm Silence, System Reset, System Test, and Fire Drill options. Each function is protected by a key or code. With an affordable price, the XR2400F delivers a flexible and expansive fire detection and notification system. Call DMP to order your complete fire system today at 800-641-4282.