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Many New Products from DMP

September 08, 2000

DMP invites everyone to stop by our booth, #1073, at ASIS 2000 next week, September 11-13 in Orlando, FL. The DMP booth features many exciting new products including our new XR2400F 24V FACP, which received an overwhelming response at last week's ISC East. The XR2400F includes a built-in DACT, 32 character LCD Annunciator, 2 on-board NACs, and the capability of 200 addressable inputs. Expandable to 448 programmable inputs and outputs, the XR2400F provides a flexible and expansive fire detection and notification system. To complement the XR2400F, DMP introduces the 630F Remote Annunciator. The 630F includes a 32-character display and offers one button operation of Alarm Silence, System Reset, System Test, and Fire Drill, protected by a keyswitch. The flush or surface mount 630F also includes built-in diagnostics and displays system events in plain English. Each XR2400F system can support up to seven 630F Remote Annunciators. Another new product from DMP is the 895 Voice Module. The 895 allows users to check the status of a panel, arm or disarm the system, and add or delete user codes from any onsite or remote touchtone phone. By using over 250 pre-programmed words and phrases, the 895 guides the user through each procedure. The 895 is currently available for the XR40 and will soon be available for the XR200. DMP is also pleased to announce the new 351 Universal Mounting Plate . The 351 enables installers to upgrade any DMP 1612, 1712, or 1812 Control Panel to a DMP XR Series Control Panel, including the XR6, XR10, XR20, XR40, and XR200. The 351 also allows for the upgrade of any Radionics 2000, 7000, or 9000 series control panels to the DMP XR Series. Simply screw the 351 into the metal enclosure for easy and efficient installations.

Come see all these products and more, including a demonstration of our Internet Monitoring, at booth #1073 at ASIS 2000. Remember to look for the lasers!