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NFPA Approves Network Communication For Fire, DMP Stands To Receive First Listing

November 05, 2001

For Immediate Release(November 5, 2001)


Digital Monitoring Products, Inc. (DMP), Springfield, MO, announces it is the first manufacturer to submit for full Commercial Fire Listing for Internet or LAN/WAN primary communication.

On October 5, 2001 the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) Standards Council voted to adopt Tentative Intern Amendment No. 664, which approves Other Transmission Technologies, for Primary Communication for Commercial Fire alarm messaging, including Internet or LAN/WAN communication. This is a significant step toward full acceptance and approval of this superior technology.

In 1996, DMP pioneered the very first UL-AA Burglary listing over a data network, as well as had the first UL-AA Listing for its Internet Communication in February of this year. Currently, DMP is opening a project at UL to be the first to list the existing UL High-Line Security solution for commercial fire.

DMP presently has nearly 10,000 Network or Internet systems deployed nationwide. Many dealers and large nationwide operations are saving millions of dollars annually on their burglary systems. By having both Grade AA Burglary and Commercial Fire listings on the XR200 Command Processor, companies will be able to achieve these savings on fire systems. Although the approval by NFPA for primary fire is fairly recent, these systems have been communicating over networks as supplementary fire for many years.

Additionally, DMP has announced it is working with UL to approve the very first Commercial Fire UL and NFPA approved Internet Slave Communicator. This product will be the first of its kind and will mark the fourth generation network alarm router, which DMP has released in the last 5 years. The unit will allow anyone to take existing FACPs and eliminate costly and slow phone lines. By decreasing communication time to the central station, it will potentially save many lives and thousands of dollars each year.

DMP is very excited to bring this new technology to the forefront of our industry. This will revolutionize the fire alarm industry in a similar way to what the two-line digital dialer did years ago, said Marketing Manager, Mark Hillenburg. By simply decreasing alarm transmission time from minutes to milli-seconds, many lives will be saved and thousands of property damage dollars averted. This new technology is far superior to current dialers. Look for this type of communication to be a requirement by insurance underwriters in coming years, said Marc Mills, DMP CEO.

DMP would like to applaud NFPA for taking this action and look forward to its full approval from UL. For further information on any DMP products, contact your DMP Regional Sales Manager at (800) 641-4282 or visit our website at


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