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The New 462FM

February 02, 2001

The New 462FM Fast Modem Digital Monitoring Products is pleased to announce the new 462FM Fast Modem card. The 462FM allows you to connect to any XR200 or XR200-485 and upload/download panel information at 9600 baud using a standard hayes compatible modem. Because the 462FM card can share a phone line with the panel, there is no need for an additional phone line. The 9600 baud 462FM is 32 times faster than typical connections, dramatically reducing upload/download time. The Fast Modem card also provides an LX-Bus for adding up to 100 zones of protection and 100 relay outputs to the panel for system expansion. Users can use DMP's Remote Link remote programming software to connect to an XR200 or XR200-485 system.

Remote Link allows its operators to maintain subscriber accounts, trap panels, and change programming-all from a local or remote computer. DMP Dealers can simply go to to download your FREE copy today. For information on the new 462FM Fast Modem card, or the Remote Link remote programming software, call DMP Customer Service at 800-641-4282.

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