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Exclusive UL-AA Listing for Internet Transmission

February 23, 2001

Exclusive UL-AA Listing for Internet Transmission Today is a pivotal point in the history of the alarm industry. In an unprecedented move UL has announced acceptance of the public Internet and private intranets for AA High Line Security communication to central stations. The alarm equipment used for this type of monitoring must meet strict new rules issued by UL on February 2, 2001.

This culminates a five-year effort which began with the original Public Data Network listing for the DMP XR200 in 1996. As of today DMP dealers can issue UL certificates on systems which use the Internet or intranet as the supervision medium to a central station. In addition to the High Line Security features, remote programming of the control panel via the Internet is accepted operation by UL and is accomplished via the same path used for monitoring.

Today's announcement marks an end to the high cost of leased line security and years of dependence on the Phone Company and other providers that charge high fees for dedicated lines. Now alarm monitoring can simply travel on existing network infrastructures already in existence providing multiple services to the subscriber. The DMP transmission methodology features end-to-end supervision making it stable, reliable and extremely fast.

DMP XR200 Control Panels and SCS-1 Receivers manufactured since 1996 are already listed by UL to provide Internet or Intranet AA High Line Security. The patented DMP supervision technique meets all of the new UL requirements issued February 2, 2001. The specific wording added to DMP product listing cards to include the public Internet and private Intranets along with the new UL operational requirements are available at

This exclusive DMP technology provides supervision and remote programming citywide, nationwide, and worldwide allowing you to increase your RMR, expand your market, and reduce your expenses.