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New DMP Multi-Candela Notification Appliances

March 09, 2001

New DMP Multi-Candela Notification Appliances

923 Multi-Candela Horn/Strobe Appliance Digital Monitoring Products is pleased to announce the 923 Multi-Candela Horn/Strobe Appliance. The 923 will satisfy virtually all requirements for indoor wall mount applications. The horn includes a field selectable continuous horn tone or temporal pattern with selectable dBA settings of 90 or 95 dBA, while the strobe includes field selectable candela ratings of 15, 30, 75, or 110 cd. The 923 Multi-Candela may be supervised by using the 831 or 832 sync modules. Additionally, the horn may be silenced while maintaining strobe activation.

2-Wire 924 Multi-Candela Horn/Strobe Also available from DMP is the 2-wire 924 Multi-Candela Horn/Strobe Appliance. The 924 offers 4 field selectable strobe settings and three selectable dbA settings for both continuous or temporal horn patterns when constant voltage from the FACP is applied. This 24VDC appliance is compatible with all DMP 2-wire products, and is designed for maximum performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

921 and 922 Series Multi-Candela Strobe Appliances Also now available from DMP are the 921 and 922 Multi-Candela Strobe Appliance and strobe plates. The 921 Series Multi-Candela Strobe includes field selectable candela settings of 15, 30, 75, or 110 cd, and low current draw with temperature compensation to reduce power consumption and wiring costs. DMP's 921 employs an Integral Strobe Mounting Plate that can be mounted to the DMP Model 842 SHBB surface backbox, or any single gang, double gang, 4" square, or 100 mm European backboxes. The 922 Series Multi-Candela Strobe Plates are an effective way to retrofit required strobe appliances to bells, horns, chimes, multitones, or speakers.

To view product specifications for the new DMP Notification Appliances please visit the DMP Document Library.