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XR200-485 Firmware Version 203 Update

April 12, 2001

Firmware Update Effective the fourth week of April, 2001, all XR200-485 Command Processor panels are being shipped from the factory with version 203 (4/11/01) firmware. This version is an update from the 201 (12/27/00) firmware previously shipped and contains new features and updated operation. Note: Version 202 was never released.

New Features CRC and Sequence Number Communication between Remote Link, version 1.02 and the XR200-485 is improved. Upload/download messages between Remote Link and the panel now contain CRC and Sequence Number checking. The current Remote Link version 1.01 (3/9/01) is compatible with the new XR200-485 version 203 (4/11/01) firmware but operates without CRC and Sequence Number checking.

Sensor Reset Alarm Action The XR200-485 now includes the "S" alarm action message in zone programming. When programmed, a zone can be used to silence the alarm bell and perform a sensor reset.

Fire Trouble Output Operation The Fire Trouble Output in Output Options now turns on when the system monitors AC, Battery, Phone Line 1 & 2 troubles show a bad condition at the keypad.

Fault Zones Display The panel now displays a list of all faulted disarmed zones when any top row select key is pressed on the keypad during the status list display. Zones for all areas in the same partition as the keypad will be displayed. When bad zones are being displayed on the keypad, they will be shown as -FAULT instead of -BAD.

Device Setup A new option, FIRE, has been implemented in the Device Setup section of programming. This option is used for the operation of the Remote Fire Keypad (Model 630F). Choosing this option allows the operation of the four function keys and the three LED's that are located on the Remote Fire Keypad.

AC Cycles Option System Options programming now provides an option to choose 50 or 60 Hertz operation. This option allows the XR200 to be connected to AC power that operates at 50Hz.

AC CYCLES This function allows you to select either a 60 Hz or 50 Hz electrical AC cycle. When 60Hz is selected, the XR200 will operate on a 60 Hz cycle used in the U.S.A. When 50Hz is selected the XR200 will operate on a 50 Hz cycle that may be used in other countries. The default value is 60 Hz.