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XR6 and XR10 Firmware Version 108 Update

June 20, 2001

Firmware Update

Effective June 25, 2001, all XR6 and XR10 Command Processor panels are being shipped from the factory with version 108 (6/18/01) firmware. This version is an update from the 107 (9/14/00) firmware previously shipped and contains a new feature and updated operation.

New Feature

XR6 Default Zone Names The six default zone names are no longer factory pre-programmed for zones one through six of the XR6. These zones are now programmed as *unused* from the factory.

Updated Operation

Zone One Type is Blank Communication between the XR6/XR10 and Remote Link is now improved. Previously, when changing any option in Output Options remotely using Remote Link or Remote Access, zone one programming would inadvertently be changed to zone type āBlankā and its area assignment changed to one.

Disconnect Internet at Line Seizure

Just after line seizure, the XR6 and XR10 now places the phone line on-hook (flash) for two seconds to hang up on any end-user call that may have been in progress. The panel then picks up the phone line and sends the message to the receiver. Previously, if the telephone line was being used and connected to a modem (Internet connection), at line seizure the panel occasionally mistook the ISP modem for a DMP receiver and switched from the programmed CID format to SDLC communication for the ten dial attempts.

Upgrading/Ordering New Firmware

New firmware PROMs may be obtained by calling Customer Service at 1-800-641-4282 and ordering the XR6/UPDATE or XR10/UPDATE. The cost is $3.00 for each firmware update PROM.