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The XR2400F 24VDC FACP

July 13, 2001


DMP is pleased to offer its XR2400F 24VDC Addressable FACP. The XR2400F comes with a built-in two-line Communicator with Line Supervision and two Class B, Style W NACā??s with a total of 4 Amps of power. The XR2400F is easily expandable and provides 234 programmable inputs and 200 programmable outputs for commercial and industrial fire alarm applications. Offering more zone programming and communication options than any FACP in the industry, the XR2400F can easily be tailored to your specific needs. Programming of the XR2400F can be accomplished using the built-in 32-character LCD annunciator, at any 630F Fire Command Center, or at any local or remote computer. The XR2400F is compatible with the full line of DMP Series 900 24V Notification Appliances, as well as a compliment of other fire accessories including the Series 850 Pull Stations and Series 600 Heat Detectors. The DMP XR2400F is the most reliable and flexible FACP to meet all your commercial fire needs for today and tomorrow. Call DMP Customer Service today at 800-641-4282 to order your XR2400F Fire System.