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DMP In The News

January 22, 2002

Security Systems News: January Issue "Once an Internet line is installed, there is no additional charge per message, so alarm signals are sent to the central station basically at no cost. Mark Hillenburg, marketing manager at DMP, said while the UL listing has brought Internet monitoring to the forefront and will likely make it more accessible to all customers, the company has been applying the technology since 1995 via private networks for customers such as banks and jewelry stores. 'Banks have a lot of security concerns,' he said, 'and spend money on a higher level of security between bank branches and the central station.' To meet UL AA or high line regulations required by their insurance companies, Hillenburg said banks must send a signal in to the central station every five minutes to ensure the line is OK. 'This gets costly quickly,' he noted. By sending those signals via an Internet or intranet network, rather than phone lines, the cost can be reduced. Hillenburg noted the price tag of such monitoring systems initially limited its use to commercial customers, but second and third generation technology has seen costs halved and halved again."To access the online article from Security Systems News, visit