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XR2400F Hardware Update

November 26, 2002

Hardware Update Beginning November 22 2002, all XR2400F Fire Alarm Control panels are being manufactured and shipped with a factory installed 56VA transformer in place of the 40VA transformer previously installed. This 56VA transformer is used to provide power to the XR2400F Command Processor panel and is rated to charge four 12 VDC batteries. This change is not related to, and does not affect, the 24 VDC notification circuit output of the XR2400F system. TransformerThe 40VA transformer previously installed on the XR2400F was rated to charge two 12 VDC batteries when attached to the XR2400F panel. This was adequate for 24-hour standby requirements. If 60-hour UL Remote Station was required for existing systems, the 630F attached to the panel enclosure door must be powered from an external UL Listed 12 VDC power supply. This is no longer the case. DMP has now completed UL testing of a 56VA transformer that will meet the 60-hour UL Remote Station requirements straight from the factory. The 56VA transformer is now installed in place of the 40VA transformer. The 56VA transformer is also being offered as a field upgradeable kit free of charge to any dealer requiring the Remote Station 60-hour standby listing. Receiving the New Hardware If you have XR2400F installations that require updating, the 56VA transformer kit can be ordered by calling DMP Customer Service at 1-800-641-4282 and requesting the XR2400F TFR KIT. The XR2400F transformer kits will be shipped ground freight at no charge to the dealer. If you would like to download this update in PDF format, visit