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Advanced Reporting Module

April 03, 2002

Advanced Reporting Module

Effective April 30, 2002, DMP will no longer offer the Activity Report Manager software program.

The Activity Report Manager (ARM) was designed to capture the printer data output from DMP 1912XR, XR200, or XR200-485 control panels. The printer data was stored in a database for reporting and data management. You could view or print from several categories, as well as manage the data by saving either to your hard disk drive or floppy drive.

To replace ARM, DMP now offers the NEW! Advanced Reporting Module for use with Remote Link and System Link software programs. Advanced Reporting offers powerful filtering capabilities to create specific reports for your customers need. In addition, Advanced Reporting will capture data from the network output of the Control Panel. To view the following Technical Update in pdf format, visit

The Advanced Reporting Module allows you to create reports using the panels event buffer or by using the Host Log Reports feature. Additionally, you may connect to the Advanced Reporting Module through a direct or data network connection, eliminating the need to add a printer card to the panel.


Advanced Reporting provides ten Report Categories from which you can create reports. These categories allow you to easily find the information you need for concise and manageable reports. Exporting reports in up to seven other formats, such as a text or Excel file, provides you with added flexibility to use information in a method that best suits your needs for archiving, storing, and integrating with other software such as web databases.

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