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XR20/XR40 Version 203 Firmware

May 22, 2002

Firmware Update

Effective May 21, 2002, XR20 and XR40 Command Processor Panels, Version 203 (4/25/02) firmware is available when the panel is installed with the newly released Model iCOMSL Internet Communicator.

To serve you better, an XR20 and XR40 update chip, version 203 (4/25/02) will be shipped with each iCOMSL for the next 90 days. The update chips will also be available separately upon request.

Note: All XR20 and XR40 panels along with the XR20/UPDATE firmware and XR40/UPDATE firmware are continuing to ship with version 202 (5/8/02) factory installed for the next 90 days.

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