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November 17, 2003

Remote Link now features new and powerful remote uploading and downloading features. The soon to be released XR500 and XR500N panels will accept remote software flash updates using Remote Link software. Now every XR500 or XR500N Command Processor Panel can be quickly and conveniently updated with the latest system software from any PC with the Remote Link software. This new feature eliminates the need to send technicians to sites for chip changes or firmware upgrades, saving your company service time and money on every XR500 or XR500N panel installation. Remote Link and System Link Software Update New Features tu01841.JPG XR500 Support Remote Link and System Link now support the XR500 and XR500N Command Processor panels. Following are new features designed for the XR500 and XR500N support. Remote Panel Update The XR500 and XR500N have the ability to accept software (firmware) updates from a remote location using Remote Link. Performing a remote software update (flash update) allows you to quickly and conveniently update the software without making a trip to the site to change firmware proms. Network Options tu01842.JPG The new Network Options window allows you to set the IP address information for the XR500 and XR500N panels. DHCP Enabled: Enable if the XR500 or XR500N has a dynamic IP address. If the XR500 or XR500N has a static IP address, do not select DHCP Mode. Local IP: Enter the IP address assigned to the XR500 or XR500N. Be sure to enter the periods, and do not enter leading zeros. For example, IP address would be entered as The default Local IP is Gateway: Enter the gateway address assigned to the XR500 or XR500N. Be sure to enter the periods and omit any leading zeros. Subnet Mask: Enter the local subnet mask assigned to the XR500 or XR500N. Use the protocol described for entering the Local IP address. Programming Port: Enter the UDP port to be used for programming the XR500 or XR500N. The default value is 2001. tu01843.JPGNote: The Local IP and Programming Port need to match the IP Address and IP Port entered in the Panel Information window. If a router is connected to the XR500 or XR500N, the ports must be opened in the router. System Area Information Remote Link now offers System Area Information in place of Partition Information. The More button near the bottom of the Area Information window opens the System Area Information window. Obtaining the New Software Effective November 2003, all Remote Link and System Link software are being shipped from the factory as version 1.14 (11/11/03) software. This version is an update from the 1.13 (10/31/03) software previously shipped and contains new features to the program. Remote Link and System Link Updates version 1.14 (11/11/03) are available for download free of charge on the DMP Dealer Direct Website at If you are a current user of Remote Link, you will automatically be notified of this update. Hard copy updates on CD can be obtained by calling DMP Customer Service at 1-800-641-4282 and ordering the Link Update. The cost for each update is $30.00.