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Model 733 Hardware Update

February 04, 2003

Hardware Update Beginning in February 3, 2003, all Model 733 Wiegand Interface Modules are being manufactured with updated Level G hardware.

Updated HardwareTransient Protection The Model 733 hardware has been updated to provide continuous operation in the presence of high voltage transients. In rare cases, high voltage transients of electric noise induced onto the keypad bus could cause the 733 to stop operating. After this occurrence, the 733 may restart automatically or require that power be removed from the unit and then reapplied. The following are examples of items that may induce noise upon the DMP bus. To ensure optimum operation, do not run an LX-Bus or keypad bus near sources of noise such as those listed below. Refer to LT-2031 Trouble-Free LX-Bus/Keypad Bus Wiring for more information. High Voltage lines Electrical Mains Motors Pumps Ballasts Welders Since the release of the 733 Wiegand Interface Module in April 1997, it has proven to be extremely reliable product. This hardware change improves operation in environments where these units are in close proximity to high voltage transients. To date, the occurrence of high voltage transient difficulty reported from actual installations has been very small. If you have existing installations where 733 have been operating properly, no action is needed.Receiving the New Hardware If you have a 733 that experiences an operational problem due to transient or electric noise problems, it can be updated by returning it to DMP. Simply indicate "Update to Level G" on the 5-digit RMA tag. The Update will be done as a Warranty Repair at no charge, regardless of when the 733 was purchased. If a 733 is returned for other repair needs, this update will be done automatically as a standard part of the repair. If you need RMA tags, contact DMP Customer Service at 1-800-641-4282.