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May 22, 2003

Discontinued Product Notice Effective Friday, May 30, 2003, the 895 will no longer be available due to component obsolescence. The 895 was designed to allow user access to a DMP Command Processor panel through a voice prompted telephone interface. The touch-tone telephone could be located on or off premises. Due to component obsolescence unfortunately the 895 will no longer be available.Support/Warranty The 895 Voice Module continues to be covered under the standard DMP warranty. All technical service, repair, and warranty remain in effect.

Built in Phone Access for XRSuper6, XR20 and XR40However the XRSuper6, XR20 and XR40 continues to have built in support for remote Phone Access built in to the panel as outlined here. This solution requires no additional modules and a convenient wallet card is included in the panel's user's guide. The following is the PhoneAccess section from the XRSuper6 User's Guide.XRSuper6-p30.jpg