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DMP Backwards Compatibility In the News

September 22, 2003

DMP's backwards compatibility is featured in the September issue of SDM Magazine. The following article is included in the "Technology at Work" section, entitled "Backwards Compatibility: Proof is in the Keypad:"BarshopKit13.JPG"Mark Barshop, the owner of a house in Bel Air, Calif., was faced with a familiar problem.BarshopPnl02.JPG He had a DMP model 1612 Command Processor central unit and three Security Command keypads, all of which dated back some 20 years. Although the rest of the system was functioning perfectly, one of the keypads was finally wearing out, and Barshop was looking for a compatible replacement. Barshop contacted DMP, Springfield, MO., which responded saying that the homeowner should be able to use any new DMP keypad for his existing system because all DMP keypads are backwards compatible. At first, the end user was skeptical and suggested that the old keypad-with a manufactured date of 1984-looked nothing like those no featured on the DMP web site. After some reassurance, however, Barshop found the new keypad fit and functioned perfectly with his decades-old system.BarshopKit04.JPGOne of the interesting things about the DMP product line is our backwards compatibility. That is the ability to have a 20-year-old system, and still be able to use that control panel with a current keypad, says DMP marketing manager Mark Hillenburg. Greater Alarm Co., Irvine, Calif., performed the installation, and Richard Potter was the tech at the residence for the keypad replacement. There were three keypads with zone expanders and a 1612 Command Processor. With the keypads being backwards compatible it not only saved the client money it also saved the installer a considerable amount of time. The alternatives were to change the Command Processor to a newer model at a greater expense. I was impressed that you could take a brand-new product off the production line and have it work on a 20-year-old command processor without a problem, Potter says. For more information about DMPs product line, visit" To download this article in PDF format, please visit here.