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January 12, 2004

The XR500 and XR500N now includes three new, very powerful features to save time and money. Panic Test Communication allows end users to regularly test their panic buttons without disturbing the central station and causing miscommunicated false alarms. This new feature assures that your panic buttons are working properly, and a report can be communicated to the central station to prove it. Another new feature, Power Fail Delay, allows the user to delay Power Fail messages for up to 15 hours; 9 hours was the previous maximum Power Fail Delay time. Fire Trouble Reset now requires an authorized user code to silence troubles on fire zones as required by NFPA.

These exciting new features may by "Flashed" free of charge to your new XR500 and XR500N systems, without making a site trip, by simply downloading these updates into the latest version of Remote Link and updating the panel's software. The Flashable software of the XR500 now saves you money on every installation.XR500N Exclusive FeaturePanic Test Communication System Reports now provides an option to allow the results from the Panic Zone test performed from the System Test User Menu to be sent to the Central Station receiver.XR500TU1.JPGYES allows the panic zone test verification and failure results to be sent to the Central Station receiver. NO disables the panic test report. The default setting is NO. The system test start, stop, panic zone verification, and panic zone failure messages sent to the Central Station and the trips count operation is the same as used under WALK test. See section 19.3 of the XR500/XR500N Programming Guide (LT-0679).XR500 and XR500N New FeaturesPower Fail Delay The Power Fail Delay option now allows the entry of two digits to accommodate Power Fail delays up to 15 hours.XR500TU2.JPGThis option tracks the duration of an AC power failure. When the AC power is off for the length of the programmed delay time, an AC power failure report is sent to the receiver. The delay time can be from 1 to 15 hours. Entering a zero sends the power failure report after a 15-second delay. The default setting is 1.Fire Trouble When a Fire zone enters into a trouble condition, a user code is now required to silence the keypad steady trouble buzzer sound.Version 102 Software Update Effective January 2004, all XR500 and XR500N panels are being shipped from the factory as version 102 (1/8/04) software. This version is an update from the 101 (12/23/03) software previously shipped and contains new features to the program. XR500 and XR500N software update version 102 (1/8/04) is available for download free of charge on the DMP Dealer Direct Website at Remote Link Version 1.14 or higher is required to remote update the XR500 or XR500N software.