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March 29, 2004

intividlogo.JPGToronto, March 26, 2004 Digital Monitoring Products, Inc. (DMP) and Intivid Solutions, a Stanley Security company, announced the release of an interface between DMP systems and VIP Intivids digital video solution. The new interface provides the VIP digital video system with alarm and other system events from the DMP Command Processor panel through its serial connection. The VIP system processes the events with rules to prioritize video recording from Intivids video application VIP in a branch application. As an example, system events such as: Late to close, ATM service on site, and unauthorized user code may be used to prioritize recording and storage of video information. The integration also support alarm video verification and virtual guard tour capabilities. With both companies already servicing numerous common Banking customers, the full integration of VIP with the DMP Intrusion Control Panel was a logical next step. Intivids alliance with DMP is part of our objective to create strong relationships with best in class manufacturers of banking security solutions. This new interface provides our banking customers with more tangible return on their technology investment. Stated Jean-Pierre Miroux, President of Intivid Solutions. DMP is strongly positioned in the Financial Institution marketplace as the open architecture alternative to what has previously been dominated by closed and proprietary systems. Our integration with Intivids digital video solution underlines our commitment to maintain that open architecture, while delivering solutions equal or greater to those that were previously available from more costly closed or proprietary hardware. stated Mark Hillenburg, Marketing Manager for DMP. Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) Profile: DMP is a privately held independent manufacturer of advanced alarm products that are designed and made in the United States of America and available through professional alarm installing companies world wide. Intivid Solutions Profile: Intivid Solutions designs, manufactures and distributes state-of-the-art digital video recording and monitoring technologies incorporating both high performance digital video recorders (DVRs) and intuitive PC-based software tools. They integrate seamlessly with existing CCTV cameras and components as well as third-party transaction systems, such as automated teller machines and point-of-sale systems. Intivid is a Stanley Security Company (NYSE - SWK). Intivids digital video solution (VIP) was first released in 93 and is now the video solution of choice for a large number of North American Banks. For further information on Intivid Solutions, visit our web site at Contacts: Jean-Pierre Miroux Tel. 905-238-0510 ext.2205 President, Intivid Solutions For more information, contact Mark Hillenburg at (800) 641-4282, or visit,