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May 05, 2004

DMP is pleased to announce the XR500E Command Processor Panel. The XR500E is the AES (RIJNDAEL) Encrypted version of the latest in the Powerful XR Series of Control Panels from DMP. It marks many firsts for a fully integrated Burglary/Fire & Access Control including built-in Ethernet and Digital Communicator for alarm signal transport. The XR500 has been developed with the ability to flash its firmware to eliminate the need for site visits when updating the panels system operation to the most current version. The powerful Commercial Burg and Fire UL Listed XR500 Intrusion, Fire & Access Control Panel features 574 programmable zones, 32 true areas, 16 Doors of Access Control, 10,000 users, 12,000 events, XR500nl.jpg506 programmable outputs, 3.0 amps of selectable power.The XR500E Command Processor Panel has received the National Institute for Standards & Technologys (NIST) validation for its Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Encrypted Network Communication. The XR500E has earned the AES Algorithm Certificate #130 from NIST and is listed on the NIST Web site as validated for use by Government Agencies. The listing can be found at It has also received its UL listing for Grade AA Encrypted High Line Security. DMP is a privately held independent manufacturer of advanced alarm products that are designed and made in the United States of America and available through professional alarm installing companies world wide. For more information, contact Mark Hillenburg at (800) 641-4282, or visit

XR500 & XR500N Feature UpdateNew, exciting features can now be easily added to your XR500 Series Command Processor panel from an LCD keypad or remotely with Remote Link. Simply email or fax DMP Customer Service when you want to purchase a new feature and receive a feature key to enter at a keypad or through Remote Link. Save valuable time and money by installing the DMP XR500 Series Command Processor Panels.

Feature UpgradeThe XR500, XR500N and XR500E Command Processor panels now offer feature upgrades. This allows you to purchase and enable features for a specific application. The first available feature is Encrypted communication. Encrypted communication can be enabled on existing XR500N panels with Version 104 or higher softare.Feature Upgradefeatureiq1.JPGPressing COMMAND in the programming menu at the SET LOCKOUT CODE prompt displays FEATURE UPGRADE. This allows you to enable additional features in the panel.featureiq2.JPGPress any top row Select key to display the first available feature. ENABLED or DISABLED displays indicating whether this feature is currently used in this panel. Press the COMMAND key to display additional feature(s). To enable a feature, press any top row Select key anywhere in the features list to display the ENTER KEY prompt. Enter the factory-supplied feature key for the specific panel and press the COMMAND key. The feature specific to the key displays as ENABLED.featureiq3.JPG

If the feature key entered is not accepted, the ENTER KEY prompt displays again. Re-enter the feature key and press the COMMAND key. Note: The AES/Rijndael encryption feature upgrade can only be enabled on an XR500N panel. Encrypted communication cannot be enabled on a standard XR500 panel. Access System Status in the User Menu to verify the encryption status (ON or OFF). If the status displays OFF, it indicates that the Passphrase has not been entered and data transmissions are not encrypted. See Network Options to set up a Passphrase.Purchasing Feature UpgradesThe authorized purchasing agent for your company must contact DMP Customer Service in writing via email or fax to purchase a feature for a panel. Include the feature(s) to enable and the panel serial number(s) on the request. A separate feature key is issued for each panel. The feature key only enables the requested feature on the specified panel. The panel serial number can be located several different ways: Printed on a label located on the right side of the XR500 PCB. Using panel diagnostics. See the XR500 Programming Guide (LT-0679) Appendix. Using Remote Link (version 1.18 or greater) the panel serial number appears when you first connect to the panel. See the Remote Link Users Guide (LT-0565).Version 104 Software UpdateAll XR500E panels are shipped from the factory as Version 104 (4/30/04) software. XR500 and XR500N panels will continue to be shipped with Version 103 (4/14/04) until July 2004. The XR500 Series update to Version 104 (4/30/04) is available for download free of charge on the DMP Dealer Direct Website at Remote Link Version 1.14 or higher is required to remote update the XR500 Series software. Note: Remote Link Version 1.18 or higher is required to support the Feature Upgrade and XR500E Encrypted Command Processor operation. Remote Link Version 1.18 is scheduled to release the week of May 10, 2004.