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DMP Further Expands Wireless Capabilities With Updated XR100/XR500 Panel Software


Now supports newest generation of DMP wireless keypads and sirens 

XR100/XR500 Version 207Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) has released an updated software version for its workhorse XR100/XR500 Command Processor Panels. With this most-recent software release, the XR100/XR500 Panels have full compatibility with all DMP wireless devices, including the recently released wireless keypads and sirens. The routine release of software upgrades for DMP panels ensures that dealers and end users benefit from new features and system enhancements without the need for expensive hardware replacement.

"The XR Series Panels are the heavy lifters in our panel lineup, used for some of the largest and most demanding applications," said Vice President of Sales Mark NeSmith. "In both new systems and updates to existing systems, dealers are increasingly demanding the fast, simple installation and flexible device placement provided by wireless devices. With the Version 207 update, the XR Series panels now provide the same wireless capabilities already available from the DMP XT Series™ and XTL Panels."

The Version 207 software upgrade makes XR100/XR500 Panels using the 1100X and 1100XH Version 200 Wireless Receivers fully compatible with the 9000 Series Wireless Keypads and 1135 Wireless Sirens. The 9000 Series Wireless Keypads are full-featured, supervised keypads with a built-in proximity option. The 1135 battery powered siren is an easy, add-on sale for customers who want the extra security provided by having sirens in several interior locations.