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Guides at a Glance

November 24, 2015

New Product Guides Library at


When you need information and you don’t want to spend a lot of time searching for it, it’s great to be able to immediately get your hands on whatever document you need to answer your questions.

You can already access all the information you need to install and service DMP products because it’s available from, however, it may take a few clicks and some searching to find just what you’re after because the site includes so much good information.

Now you can immediately get to the technical documents you need because they have all been collected on a single page at sorted by category (control panels, communicators, etc.) with links to ONLY the installation, programming, and user guides.

That means you’re never more than two clicks away from the information your technicians need.

Got technical questions about DMP products? Get answers fast by visiting or contact our Technical Services Department at 888-4-DMP-TECH (888-436-7832) or on Chat Support located at the top of the homepage.