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DMP Extends the Availability of the XR100/XR500 Series Control Panels to the End of the Year

September 08, 2015

As originally announced in June of this year, the DMP XR100 and XR500 control panel line and associated accessories have reached their end of life.  Because we heard your requests for more time to complete existing projects and transition to the XR550, the manufacturing dates for the XR100 and XR500 Series panels & accessories have been extended from September to December of 2015. This will include the following interface cards and cellular communication modules:

  • 461                      INTERFACE ADAPTOR FOR XR500
  • 462N                    NETWORK INTERFACE CARD
  • 462N-DC             462N W/DIRECT CONNECT
  • 462P                    PRINTER INTERFACE CARD
  • 463C                    CDMA CELLULAR COMMUNICATOR
  • 464-263C             CDMA CELLULAR COMMUNICATOR
  • 464-263H             HSPA+ CELLULAR COMMUNICATOR
  • 472                       INOVONICS INTERFACE CARD
  • 481                       LOOP EXPANSION INT. CARD

Over the next 3 months you are encouraged to place any final orders for inventory for any existing installations. 

Repair services for all of the above discontinued products will be available for five years from September 30, 2015 based on availability of raw materials.

If you have any questions, please contact Inside Sales at 877-757-4367 or, or to place an order, please contact DMP Customer Service at or at 866-266-2826.