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Secura: A High-Volume Residential Sales Dealer Program

Mark Hillenburg, Executive Director of Marketing 6/19/2017

Secura is a high-volume residential sales program that can power you to success in the residential marketplace. Secura is designed for security dealers who want to increase their company valuation through new RMR by using a new line of DMP products that are tailored for fast installations in homes.

Secura really has three parts.

PRODUCT FAMILY: It is a new line of Smart Home security products automatically programmed as soon as they power up and connect to the Internet, designed to allow you to professionally install a basic system in about 30 minutes - only available to Secura Dealers. The SecuraHub™ is the center of this system.

SALES APP: It is an exclusive SecuraSales App that allows your team to design and sell a system on the spot on their tablet or phone. It processes credit card transactions that are immediately deposited into your bank account, and even allows the customer to sign your contract electronically. The Secura Product is then shipped directly to you or your tech, using free 2-day shipping to anywhere in the continental U.S.

SALES TRAINING: Secura features a sales training program designed to equip, motivate and help manage your residential sales team. The program provides sales recruitment support and drives your residential sales team to make more sales. The key to that is the use of a Sales Processing and CRM App where you can assign leads, know where your reps are daily, and even track how many calls they have made or systems they have sold in real time.

If your residential sales program is not everything that you want it to be or maybe the product that you are using is just a little off-key and not quite in tune with your needs or if you want a residential sales program that will harmonize with your commercial product offering, Secura is just what you are looking for.