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Introducing the Secura Dealer Site

DMP and Secura are excited to introduce the new Secura Dealer site, This dealer-exclusive website houses dealer resources, downloads, training materials, product information, and direct contact information.

To get started on this website, scroll down on the home page and click on 'Click here to register.'  Complete your registration and note that it may take up to 24 hours for access to be granted.


  • Resources: View the resources tab to view Dealer Resources, Sales Manager Resources, Sales Rep Resources, Scripts, and Burglary Research. Each section has downloadable documents to distribute amongst your sales team.
  • Training: The Training section features Fast Start, Prospecting, Approach, Client-Care Visit, Problem Identification, Solution, Closing, Handling Objections, and Time Management & Goal Setting training sections. Use these resources as your sales team grows.
  • Product Information: The Product Information section features the Secura Pricelist, Catalog, Spec Sheet, User Guide, and Quick Start Guides.
  • Contact Information: Contact Information provides direct contact info for Jack Conard, Director of Residential Sales, and the DMP Inside Sales department.

If you have any questions, please call 1-844-Secura-1 or email