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What's Your Competitive Edge in Video Verification?

August 21, 2019

SecureCom Video’s Network Video Recorder

For access to live video stream from IP cameras plus simultaneous around-the-clock local recording, network video recorders (NVRs) play a vital role in any customer’s video surveillance system. But do your customers understand why SecureCom Video’s NVR offers more?

Namely, this high-definition NVR offers peace of mind to customers who worry about being vulnerable to hackers and the insecurity of the Internet. That’s because it’s designed exactly to DMP alarm system specifications and uses EASYconnectVPN™ for mobile connectivity that’s also encrypted. Better yet, this NVR is fully compatible with DMP’s Video Verification service.

That means, in the event of an alarm, monitoring centers are able to make informed decisions based on what they’re seeing. While their customers can always enjoy 24/7 access to their video cameras and NVRs, if they’re unavailable during an alarm, monitoring center operators can quickly work on their behalf with access to pre-recorded clips from multiple IP cameras. This valuable video evidence allows them to determine whether the trigger is a false alarm or worthy of a police dispatch. For end users, that’s peace of mind, and for monitoring centers, that’s an opportunity to deliver greater customer service!

Are you telling your customers about the important advantages of this NVR as part of their Video Verification service? In case you missed last month’s Video Verification dealer webinar, you can view it here. For more NVR details, click here. And be sure to watch for the next email in this series highlighting how DMP’s Video Verification gives you the competitive edge!

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