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DMP Introduces New 1301M 13.56-MHz MIFARE DESFire Admin Reader

September 19, 2019

Supporting High Security Encryption Technology


As you know, MIFARE DESFire delivers the most secure, encrypted access control technology. Today, we’re excited to expand our line of high-security access control products with the 1301M MIFARE DESFire Admin Reader.

This enrollment reader is designed exclusively for DMP and is 100 percent compatible with our MIFARE DESFire cards and credentials, including DMP CSK-2 and DE2 credentials. Like the 1301N USB Computer Proximity Reader, the 1301M reader connects directly to a PC or Mac’s USB port. The computer automatically recognizes the new hardware and installs the necessary drivers. This plug-and-play functionality is easy to integrate with most operating systems because it requires no additional software.

For convenience, this enrollment reader allows you to scan the smartcard rather than manually entering the user code number. When you’re ready to add an internal card number, just click in the appropriate field and present a card or credential within one inch of the reader. The 1301M captures the stored encrypted user code and automatically populates the internal user code, right where your cursor is located. It also allows you to enter cards in which you’ve misplaced or lost the encoded number that’s usually provided when cards are ordered.

For more information, please review the Installation Sheet (LT-2001)

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