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You Can Now Manage Custom Notifications From Virtual Keypad Access

January 02, 2020

With this update, you can now create custom notifications from Virtual Keypad Access. Individuals who use the app can continue to receive push notifications, while those who don’t have the app can receive text messages or emails. Anyone who has a Virtual Keypad Access login can manage their custom notifications. This gives your customers a way to tailor notifications sent to them.

More Notification Types Available 
Version 2.21.0 also significantly expands the type of notifications available. In addition to the Arming/Disarming, Alarm, Custom Actions, Door Access, Door Status, Lockdown, Sensor Activity and Trouble notifications. You can select event type options as needed such as Event, Areas, Doors, Zones or Users. This will allow you or your customer to tailor the notifications that they get to exactly what they want to see. The new Custom Notifications is a powerful new feature that adds incredible capability to the Virtual Keypad system. Login to to start using these exciting new notifications today.

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Customizing Notifications on a Granular Level
Customers will appreciate having the added flexibility and options this update delivers. They’ll also have the added benefit of customizing their notifications on a granular level based specifically on what they want to monitor.

For more details about this new feature, please review Virtual Keypad Version 2.21.0 Update TU-1104. If you have any questions, please contact DMP Inside Sales at 877-757-4367 or