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No DMP Supply Impact Anticipated Due to Coronavirus

February 04, 2020

By Marc Mills, chief operating officer, DMP

DMP relies on the best components we can find from across the USA and all over the world. In light of the coronavirus, we’ve been asked if it is affecting DMP’s supply of components.

While we do rely on global components sourced from around the world, including China, in light of recent tariff issues, we’ve actively been moving the purchase of components to more trade-compliant countries. As a result, DMP does not source its metal enclosures, injected plastics, most PCBs, wire-in transformers and many other vital components from China.

Furthermore, because we do our very best to ship our products directly to you on the day you order it, DMP is not a “Just-In-Time” manufacturer. Therefore, we have good inventory levels of components and finished goods. As an additional proactive step, DMP Purchasing is increasing current safety stock levels for all discreet electronic parts.

Still to this day, we are one of the few security companies who continues to design, engineer and manufacture all of its products in the U.S. — centrally located in Springfield, Missouri. If you’ve done business with DMP, you may already know that we do this quite intentionally — to keep our supply chain short so we can best serve our customers.

As a result of our policy to purchase U.S.-manufactured components whenever possible, our internal policy to maintain six to eights weeks inventory of finished goods and our ability to warehouse six to nine months of raw materials in order to deal with these type of supply issues that continue to surface in the electronic component market, DMP is much better positioned to weather any extended supply problem than most companies in our market. We do not expect to see any impact on our ability to deliver DMP products to our customer as a result of disruptions caused by the coronavirus. We continue to pray for the families in China and hope this virus is eliminated soon.