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Mapping Cameras to Zones: A Great Time-Saving Advantage of DMP’s Video Verification

March 03, 2020

As you’re discussing DMP’s Video Verification services with prospective end users and monitoring centers, the new feature called mapping Zones to Cameras is a great time-saving advantage you’ll definitely want to highlight!

This new feature is particularly beneficial in getting to the root of the problem when there are multiple cameras on a system. All it takes is assigning each one to a respective zone in Dealer Admin. Once that’s done, in the event of an alarm, notifications will only show those tied to that alarm so end users and their monitoring center operators can make critical decisions faster.

For instance, if an intruder kicks in a homeowner’s front door, setting that zone into alarm, there’s no need to spend time scanning all the cameras and clips. When cameras are mapped to a specific zone, the monitoring centers’ automation software automatically receives the alarm and launches a secure URL to open only the cameras and network video recorders that are associated with the zones in alarm. Likewise, end users receive notifications via Virtual Keypad and first see the cameras and clips that are tied to that zone. In addition to clips, they also receive a live stream of that tripped zone so they can see what’s happening in that room at that moment. Furthermore, while they’re able to get right to the problem quicker, they also can expand their view to see all of the other connected cameras and clips.

If you’d like to learn more about other advantages of DMP’s Video Verification, we invite you to our monthly Video Verification webinar with Executive Director of Business Development, Jon Adams. The webinar will be hosted on the second Tuesday of every month at 1 p.m. CST, staring March 10. Use the button below to select a date and register!

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