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You're Invited to the DMP Executive Dealer Roundtable

June 24, 2020

October 5-6, 2020 | Kansas City, MO

The DMP Executive Dealer Roundtable is an event hosted by members of the DMP Executive Management Group including Owner & President, Rick Britton. The objective is to provide DMP Dealers with an opportunity to discuss best practices with other dealers or security personnel around the country. It consists of one-and-a-half days of dealer discussions and presentations. Each topic is presented for approximately 10-20 minutes followed by another 20 minutes of discussion or a tabletop exercise. Most topics are presented or facilitated by other dealers. Topics cover a broad range of alarm industry issues.

These events are targeted to owners, senior management, and sales and marketing management personnel for DMP dealers that are dealer three column and above.

"If you have not attended a Dealer Roundtable, you are missing out. The opportunity to discuss current issues, concerns and relevant product information is too important to miss. The leadership of DMP is there to hear from its dealers in a way no other manufacturers are even close to replicating."

Joseph Glenn, Glenn Security Systems