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New to DMP University: X1 Courses

February 08, 2021

By now, the first of the X1 Series orders have started shipping. To make sure your team is prepared to install, program and set up these new products, we've added two new courses to DMP University.

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X1 Installation Course
(3 minute video + quiz)

This short course covers the basics of how install the X1 hardware. This includes mounting, wiring devices, configuring network options and more.

X1 Programming and Setup Course
(11 minute video + quiz)

X1 customers can enjoy the ease and convenience of full integration with Virtual Keypad and Dealer Admin. This course will show you how to configure the X1 in both platforms:

Dealer Admin Setup

  • Create a customer
  • Add a system
  • Add a door
  • Card formats

Virtual Keypad Setup

  • Login as customer
  • Add a group
  • Add a user
  • Manage doors
  • Custom rules
  • Auto lock-unlock
  • Holiday dates
  • Events

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