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March 10, 2021

DMP has released the following Feature Update for Remote Link, Version 211 linked here.

Effective March 8th, 2021, all Remote Link™ software will be manufactured with Version 2.11 (3/2/21).

Panel Version 211/711 Support
Remote Link now supports the following features from XR Version 211/711, XT Version 211/711, and COM Version 211:

1100T Wireless Translator Support (XR, XT)
Remote Link now supports adding the 1100T in Device Setup and programming zones in Zone Information.

Network Communication Type (XTL+N)
Version 2.11 now enables you to program the new XTL+N. Programming includes the network communication type and related settings.

Changed Wireless Audible to Trouble Audible (XR, XT)
In System Options, the name of Wireless Audible has changed to Trouble Audible. All troubles, including wireless, Z-Wave, and system troubles, now all follow this setting.

Removed Tamper Setting from Zone Information (XR International, XT International)
For international panels, the TAMPER NO YES? prompt has been removed from ZONE INFORMATION for Arming (AR) type zones.

Remote Link 2.11 contains the following improvements:

Z-Wave Status Improvements
Remote Link 2.11 improves how Z-Wave statuses are retrieved from panels with firmware Version 193 and higher. Z-Wave status can be viewed in Panel > System Status > Z-Wave Status.

Performance Improvements
Remote Link 2.11 fixes issues that might have occurred while displaying some 734 options, international tamper event reports, and operator access lists. Although these items may have been displayed incorrectly after being modified, this issue did not affect panel programming or communication to the central station.

More Information
For more detailed information about features from panel firmware Version 211 or Version 711, refer to the Technical Updates from and guides from

Obtaining the New Software
The most recent version of Remote Link is available for download, free of charge, at