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Takeover Products Webinar

March 08, 2021

Tomorrow @ 10 a.m. Central

Don't miss this chance to hear from DMP experts on the variety of affordable takeover products and solutions available to you. Registration is still open!

Takeover Products Webinar
Tuesday, March 9
10 a.m. Central

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Product managers Aaron McGhee and Justin Norris, as well as Jon Adams, director of business development will discuss:

  • *New* 1100T Wireless Translator
  • ComSeries
  • 1100 Series Wireless Modules
  • 712-8 Zone Expansion Module
  • 714 Zone Expansion Module
  • and more...

Takeovers present an opportunity to offer your customers upgraded products, services and a better experience with their security system. We're here to help you deliver. See you tomorrow!