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April 12, 2021

DMP has released the following Date Code Update for SCS-VR™ Virtual Receiver Software, Version 1.4.6 (4/6/21):

Effective April 12th, 2021, all SCS-VR Virtual Receiver Software will be manufactured with Version 1.4.6 (4/6/21) software. 

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Improved Check-In Message Backups
When a backup database is configured, SCS-VR writes panel check-in messages to the primary database and copies them to the backup database. In previous software versions, SCS-VR attempted to copy check-in messages to the backup database even if it was down. This issue is resolved with this date code release.

Obtaining the New Software
SCS-VR Version 1.4.6 (4/6/21) is now available for download at