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 CDMA & HSPA+ Cellular Communicator Discounts for 2G sunset

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Do you have all your 2G accounts upgraded already? The end of 2G is near. On December 31st, 2016, all AT&T 2G systems will cease to operate. Many of you still have dozens or hundreds of 2G accounts to update. We can see them.

For all SecureCom Wireless customers, we have customized reports available to you that list your current 2G communicators still in use. Get your company's custom report by emailing or calling us at 877-300-8030. Find out which of your accounts are still on 2G and update them before it’s too late. 

Remember that SecureCom dealers receive FREE cellular activations as part of the discount program introduced July 30, 2014. Login to view more pricing information.

  • Update Your XT Panel   Any XT panel with a built-in GSM cell module can be updated to remove the GSM module and have the plug-on cell connector added for free, with reduced pricing on new hardware! This upgrade solution will continue to be available to dealers FREE of charge. Additionally, any 263C or 263H module used to upgrade these panels are available at greater than 30% discount.

  • Update Your Existing 263G or 463G Cell Module   Replace a 263G with a 263C or 463C CDMA module compatible with Verizon Wireless, for 60% less than purchasing a new unit. 

  • Replace Your Existing 263G or 463G module.  Replace any existing 263G with a brand new 263H module including a new antenna compatible with AT&T® & T-Mobile®. Replace a 463G with a 464-263C module including a new antenna compatible with Verizon Wireless, or a 464-263H compatible with AT&T® & T-Mobile®. All available at a 30% less compared to purchasing new units.

  • Update Your XTL panel to an XTLC CDMA compatible with Verizon Wireless. Receive a 70% discount over the cost of a brand new unit.

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DMP panels are forwards/backwards compatible with existing and new cell modem technology, allowing dealers the flexibility to upgrade to the Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile Networks.  By discontinuing production of the 2G GSM digital cellular communicators in late December 2013, this will ensure that dealers are moving to communicators that provide an extended future on whichever network they require. 

The DMP 2G products were being phased out by the introduction of CDMA & HSPA+ communicators in 2012. Models that have been discontinued since December 2013 are: 263G, 263GCAN, 463G, 463GCAN, CELLCOMRT & XTL.

One year extended warranty on all modules updated from GSM to CDMA.