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3G Sunset

Get a Full Free Year of Cellular and App Services
from SecureCom Wireless™

Full Free Year Cellular Upgrade Program
Receive a full free year of SecureCom Wireless service when upgrading other existing competitor systems. Submit a photo of the existing system and MEID on the DMP Tech APP™ or your Dealer Admin account to receive the full free year credit on your account. 

Technology is Moving Fast, and It’s Hard to Keep Up!
The next wave of new communication technology is upon us once again. Although SecureCom Wireless has negotiated an extension for 3G communicators to work until Dec. 31, 2022, the constant pressure to upgrade cellular technology is putting dealers in a position to, once again, upgrade communicators. With more and more systems relying on cellular, this technology upgrade is a big undertaking and is not easy for anyone. To that end, DMP and SecureCom Wireless are looking to make this transition process as painless as possible.

Consider This Scenario:
Let’s say you’re a dealer with 500 or more 3G accounts. In order to make the 2022 cut-off date, you will need to replace an average of 10 communicators per week or two per day. That would take you at least one year to complete. If you only replace one a day, you will barely have the job done by the deadline imposed by Verizon. It’s time to get started.

Available Now:
Call Inside Sales to receive a list of your active 3G accounts so you can begin tracking your replacement program. DMP has already reduced the price of all our LTE cellular communicators by $10 per unit for Verizon and $20 per unit for AT&T over the previous technology.

Cellular Upgrade Program:
DMP and SecureCom Wireless are offering you two options for tackling the 3G Sunset.

If you would like to get your list of active 3G accounts, or if you have questions, contact our Inside Sales team:
877-757-4367  |

Offer good August 1 - December 31, 2019. *Not available for new installations or POTS upgrades.

Note: Any system purchased August - Dec 31, 2019 will receive the appropriate credit when activated anytime in 2020.

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Watch The 3G Competitor Takeover Program Overview Video