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734 Series

For access control systems that include card or fob readers, the DMP 734 Wiegand Modules provide an incredibly fast and flexible interface to the control panel. Proximity, swipe and insert-style readers connect directly to the 734. The 734 connects to the panel through an onboard Ethernet port rather than through the keypad bus, providing fast response.

Three versions of the Wiegand module provide the flexibility to configure systems to meet your customers’ requirements. Customizable credential options include the ability to program the module to recognize existing bank and credit cards. Credentials can be programmed for 1 to 255 bits, allowing dealers to tailor the level of security to the application.

The cost-effective, easy-to-add 734 module is compatible with the DMP XR500 Series access, burglary, and fire control panel. The module supports eight (XR100) or 16 (XR500) doors.

734 Wiegand Interface Module

This module has proven to be a reliable performer over many years of experience in many thousands of installations. It provides four programmable zones, a 10-amp, Form C (SPDT) door-strike relay, 12/24 VDC power, built-in piezo alert sounder with remote annunciation output, data to panel LED, and a four-position terminal for connecting Wiegand-format readers.

734N Network Wiegand Interface Module

The 734N has earned the California State Fire Marshal (CSFM) listing, providing a fire-listed solution for commercial door access applications. The module also earned UL certification for Household and Commercial Burglary, Residential Fire and ULC (Canada) listing for Household and Commercial Burglary. 

734N-WiFi Wiegand Interface Module

The Wi-Fi version is identical to the 734N, but replaces the network communication capability with Wi-Fi for panel communication.

734N-POE Wiegand Interface Module

The 734N-POE Module allows both the data and power to be transmitted to the device using industry-standard POE technology. This module provides full door access powered off of one device.

Additional Information

To learn more about the 734N and 734N-WiFi Wiegand Interface Modules, consult the following documents:

  • 734 Installation Guide (LT-0737)
  • 734 Spec Sheet (LT-0344)
  • 734N/734N-WiFi/734N-POE Spec Sheet (LT-1208)
  • 734N White Paper (LT-1217)
  • 734N Installation Guide  (LT-1197)
  • 734N How-To Instructions (LT-1225)
  • 734N-WiFi Installation Guide (LT-1213)
  • 734N How-To Instructions (LT-1228)
  • XR100/XR500 Version 209 Technical Update (TU-0605).

For pricing, or to order the 734 Wiegand Module, visit or contact DMP Customer Service at 800-641-4282.