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EXCLUSIVE DMP CANCEL / VERIFY & FAlse alarm question

The Cancel/Verify and False Alarm Question put users in touch with false-alarm prevention technology that is so simple, it works.

With Cancel/Verify, the system prompts users to cancel or verify the alarm right at the keypad. With the user’s response, the central station receives a simple “Alarm verified by user” or “Alarm canceled by user” message.  Alternatively, the False Alarm Question prompts the user to answer the question "Is this a false alarm?" NO YES.

Check out our new Cancel/Verify video from the Central Station's Perspective.

DMP - Cancel/Verify from the Central Station's Perspective
To download video, Click Here

Both False Alarm features allow users to silence alarm bells onsite without disarming the system, providing time to investigate the cause of an alarm without canceling the alert to the central station. It’s optimum convenience with maximum security.