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Protecting your people, property and profits.

A security system should do much more than just sound an alarm when there’s an intrusion. High-functioning systems provide a blanket of security with features and functions that enable your commercial customers to protect their employees, facilities, and businesses more effectively.

DMP provides commercial users with network security solutions that integrate intrusion, fire, and access control into a single, effective system that's scaled and configured precisely to their needs. Our integrated approach enables them to arm and disarm their systems, lock or unlock access-control doors, add or delete system users or change their access rights, change schedules and holiday dates, and run reports for analysis and evaluation. They can manage the system on-site or from any Internet-connected computer.

Strong communication between their systems and the central station is essential to ensure constant protection. Our innovative XT Series™ panel provides a complete set of communications options – network, cellular, and dial-up – in an all-in-one, all onboard design that offers increased capabilities with faster and easier installation. The XT50 and XTLplus both include built-in DMP Two-Way Wireless™ capability, which simplifies and speeds system installation.



The DMP XR550 Series allows you to create, configure, and manage up to eight communication paths between the panel and monitoring service. With DMP Adaptive Technology™ that instantly transfers communication from the primary to the backup paths, you can rest assured the facility’s security will be constantly monitored.

Although the technology found in DMP components is sophisticated, it’s surprisingly easy to use. Your customers’ employees can be quickly trained to interact with their systems, resulting in fewer false alarms. For a sole proprietor with a single location, or a facility manager charged with protecting stores across North America, DMP technology is just what you need.

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